Georges Lurcy Fellowship for Study in France in 2024-2025

Application Deadline: March 25, 2024

The Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust offers fellowships to outstanding American students for advanced graduate study and research in France. The research topic should be unique to France and one that can only be pursued in that country. The award for the upcoming academic year will be a stipend of approximately $25,000 which will cover the cost of educational fees, necessary travel, and living expenses while in France. Additionally, the fellowship will provide payment of in-absentia fees at Berkeley. Applicants must be enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, or at an educational institution in France during the tenure of the fellowship.

The Lurcy Fellowship Program is designed for advanced Ph.D. students. The Lurcy Trust will select one candidate from the University of California, Berkeley per year.

About the Fellowship

Georges Lurcy was born in France and immigrated to the United States at the onset of World War II. He became a citizen and remained in residence here until his death in 1953. He left his substantial estate in trusts for his immediate family and provided in his Will that after their deaths his estate should be continued in perpetual trust for charitable and educational purposes, including financial assistance for study in the United States by outstanding French students and for study in France by outstanding American students. After the death of his widow, the last survivor among his immediate family, the Charitable and Educational Trust has been increased substantially.

In recognition of the University of California, Berkeley, as a leading educational institution and as a likely source of worthy candidates, a Lurcy Fellowship program has been established at Berkeley. It joins other leading United States universities, as well as French universities, where the Lurcy Fellowships have been met with an enthusiastic response and cooperation, as they fill a genuine need.

The Will of Georges Lurcy suggests that in the selection of students, major emphasis be placed upon academic merit, but that all qualities of leadership shall also be recognized.

The candidates must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. There are no restrictions as to race, sex, religion, or field of study. Candidates ordinarily will be between 21 and 30 years of age, but age is not a limiting factor.

In awarding Lurcy Fellowships, the Trustees are looking at the quality of the students, which should be of the highest rank, and the fruitfulness of the research topic that is typically French and may be uniquely researched in France. To that end, they invite the broadest range of topics without exclusion of any field of study or preference as to any department.

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Questions regarding the application should be sent to: gradfell@berkeley.edu