Conference Travel Grants Award

Academic master’s and all doctoral students may apply for funding to attend professional conferences or to participate in professional development activities; however, students in professional degrees and self-sustaining programs are not eligible. For professional conferences, grant amounts will depend on the location of the conference (up to $600 within California, $900 elsewhere in North America, including Canada and Mexico, and $1,500 outside of North America). The amounts provided for professional development support will vary depending on the actual costs, but in no case will a grant exceed $1,500. Master’s students are eligible for only one travel grant per academic career. Doctoral students are eligible for two grants per academic career, regardless of how many degrees they earn. To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  1. Be registered for the term in which they are planning to attend the conference, which also includes payment of fees/tuitions. Note: students on filing fee are not eligible.
  2. Be in good academic standing.
  3. Be presenting a paper or poster at the conference.

Grant requests to support travel to professional conferences must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor; grant requests to support professional development activities may be approved by the student’s faculty advisor or the Associate Dean for the Graduate Division. Approvals are obtained through the Slate application portal.

To start a new application or log into your current application, please use the following link. You will be asked to authenticate with your CalNet ID.
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My program is considered a professional degree -may I still apply for funding? 

Only students who are in Academic programs are eligible for travel grant funding.  If you’re unsure if you are in an academic program, please contact your advisor for clarification.

I am not presenting at a conference, but my advisor feels it is a good professional opportunity to attend. Will this be permissible for a travel grant?

While priority funding will go to students who are presenting at a conference, professional development opportunities are eligible for funding. The  maximum grant amounts apply regardless of the total cost.  We will reach out to you for any concerns we may have regarding your application if we cannot determine the professional development benefit.  

I have received two grants however they were for California conferences, since I received the minimal amount - may I apply for another grant?

No, A student may only receive two travel grants regardless of value. 

My conference is in the summer, but I will not be enrolled in any units, will I be eligible for funding?

Summer travel grants do not require summer enrollment as long as you are enrolled in the previous spring and have not completed your degree before your conference. 


How long does it take to review my application?

Completed applications can take up to two weeks for review and fund.

My conference is next semester, but I need to register now. When should I apply for the grant?

Fall grants are open from August 1-  December 1, Spring grants open from January 2 until May 1 and Summer grants open on May 2 until August 1.  We encourage you to apply within the designated term that your travel will take place. 

My conference was last semester, may I still apply for a grant?

Yes, even if your conference has passed and you are currently enrolled, you may apply for funding in the most current term. 

I am currently abroad but my conference is in California, am I eligible for an international grant?

Conference location from UC Berkeley  will be the determinant for the travel grant amount.  We cannot factor where the student will be traveling from to their conference. 


When do I receive funds for my conference? 

Funding can take up  to two weeks to receive, you may use funds to reimburse yourself if you have already paid for your travel or put the funding toward the travel expenses. 

Do I need to submit travel documentation such as receipts ?

No. We will not collect travel documents.

My costs for the conference is more than the standard travel amount, may I apply for the actual costs?

No, the maximum grant value helps us to keep the travel grant program sustainable. 

Are there any options for additional funding?

We encourage you to check with your department for any discretionary travel funds and the Graduate Student Assembly.


My advisor hasn’t received a notice to certify my application?

If your advisor hasn’t received notification, please contact gradfell@berkeley.edu and we will resend the request. 

My advisor isn’t available, who else can certify my application?

While we encourage that your advisor certify your request, a department representative that is familiar with your presentation and supports your travel may certify your application. 


What if my travel is canceled or I’ve changed my mind  and I’ve  already received funding?

If you will not be traveling, we are able to cancel your grant so that you may apply again in the future. 

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Questions regarding the application should be sent to: gradfell@berkeley.edu